Our Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments, forensic imaging software, and large reference collection to ensure that every case is dealt with high precision.

Included in its list are:

Video Spectral Comparator VSC-4
(A Workstation for Questioned Document Examination)

VSC-4 is an infrared video imaging system fitted with CCD camera, 400 to 1100 nm wide range of interchangeable camera filters, five light sources for incident infrared light, transmitted white and infrared light and incident long-wave ultraviolet rays; 6 element filter wheel to select a narrow wavelength between 400 and 700 nm and a handheld infra-red pen torch.

This instrument is designed for:

Exposing forgeries and alterations to documents by displaying differences in the infra-red absorption, infrared luminescence, visible luminescence, watermarks and paper opacity.

  • Exposing counterfeits by displaying fluorescent security features.
  • Detecting erased information.
  • Revealing concealed information.
  • Highlighting embossed stamps for easier examination.
  • Exposing tampering, with high magnification imaging.

Electrostatic Detection Device
(A workstation to develop indented writings and impressions)

Indented writings on questioned document can be detected with a special electrostatic detection device. This instrument creates an electrostatic image of indented writings, which are developed with charge sensitive toners.

This device is more sensitive than oblique light examination. It produces permanent transparencies and the process is non-destructive.

Digital Microscope – MiScope®
(A compact and portable microscope)

The MiScope combines a digital movie camera, precision optics and LED lighting in a microscope. This device is designed to view live images on the computer screen with special features:

  • 40 – 140x magnification
  • Completely portable with a laptop computer
  • One can save still images on computer
  • Have labels, markers, time stamps and measurement features
  • One can draw directly on the live image
  • Lets an easily alternate between visible and IR illumination to perform a visual spectral comparison


The stereomicroscope is one of the most important tools used by the Forensic Document Examiners. It uses two separate optical paths with two objectives and two eyepieces to provide slightly different viewing angles to the left and right eye. In this way it produces a three-dimensional (3-D) visualization of the sample being examined.

The wide field of view and great depth of focus make it an ideal instrument for determining chronological sequence of intersecting strokes; identifying the type of pen used to produce handwriting; detecting erasures or alterations; comparing printed matter, and detecting forgeries.

Ultraviolet Lamp

An examination of a document under short and long ultra-violet rays may detect chemical erasures, alterations, substituted pages and delicate stains due to artificial aging.

These rays may also prove useful in differentiating different types of paper and sealing gums. This is a non-destructive technique. An examination with UV rays does not deface or discolor a document in any way.

Canon RE-650 MKII Video Visualizer
(High-resolution document camera)

The Video Visualizer can view and capture 3-dimensional objects, documents, photos, slides, and X-rays, including larger than normal sizes.

This device is designed for presentations, video or remote conferencing, teaching and many other uses where the image of a document, 3D-objects, photos, slides, X-Rays are displayed on a monitor, projector or via teleconferencing equipment.

It has special features such as:

  • High-resolution video document camera
  • 12X power zoom f /1.8 – 2.8 lens
  • Auto or manual focus-Follow-Zoom technology
  • Auto or manual white temperature color balance control
  • Camera rotates to capture any size 3D object
  • Negative-positive film conversion
  • A telescopic arm for the zoom lens and 2 fluorescent lights which fold up to make the unit very compact

Sirchie® CSI Latent Fingerprint Kit

This kit includes an assortment of latent print powders, brushes and lifters necessary for processing latent prints on both porous and nonporous surfaces.

Rofin’s Poliray®
(Alternative light source)

Rofin’s Poliray® is a hand-held alternative light source designed specifically for a scene of crime investigation. This device has a wide range of removable filters for use with all common forensic chemical treatments. It makes uses of the same high purity interference filters as Rofin’s famous Polilight® forensic light source and can be easily tuned to provide the best possible evidence detection.

Digital Imaging System

Worldwide Forensic Services is equipped with high-resolution flatbed scanners such as Epson Perfection V700, HP Scanjet 7400C, Canon LiDE 700F, Canon LiDE 100, Canon LiDE 60, Canon SLR digital camera with additional macro lens, frame grabbers, digital microscope (for recording photomicrograph) and forensic imaging software.

Photo-quality color prints for demonstrative reports are printed using a high-resolution laser and inkjet printers.

Guardian® Livescan and Fingerprint Enrolment System

  • Designed for forensic-quality ten-print fingerprint capture
  • FBI Appendix F-certified
  • Perfect Roll™ technology, which allows foolproof fingerprint acquisition

Portable 200X USB Digital Microscope Endoscope Otoscope with LED 5MP

  • Portable and mini pen size, easy to carry and handle.
  • Magnification adjustable from 1/20-200X times magnification.
  • 5 mega pixels high definition.
  • Manual focusing.
  • Adjustable LED illumination.
Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Dichroic, infrared, polarizer and color filters
  • Ring light illuminator
  • Starrett® Dial Indicator Micrometer for measuring thickness of paper
  • Ratical eye-pieces
  • Typewriter grids and rulers


A professional library containing over 5000 research articles and 60 plus books on Forensic Science, including document examination and fingerprints.