Do you handle cases relating to analysis of signatures, handwriting, anonymous notes, ink, paper, alterations etc.?

Yes we do. Worldwide Forensic Services Inc. is a modern and fully equipped forensic document and fingerprint examination laboratory, accepting cases on all aspects of document examination and fingerprint analysis

What do I need to submit for a handwriting analysis report?

Please visit Submission of Documentary Evidence page for detailed instructions about submission of a case. You can also download an Evidence Submission Form and send it with the evidence.

Can you examine signatures or handwriting from photocopies?

In cases where originals have been lost or destroyed, or can not be made available; examination can be undertaken on good quality photocopies. The examination of photocopies may pose some limitations, which in turn can lead to qualified opinion. Please have a look on the opinion scale

Are document examinations destructive to the evidence?

No, we perform non-destructive tests and return the evidence in the original state. In case there is a need to perform chemical testing on inks, we inform beforehand and take due permission to perform such testing.

Can you examine signatures or handwriting from a facsimile?

Because of digitization, the facsimiles are usually of lesser use for the analysis of signatures or handwriting.

Do you accept case documents by fax?

No. You may send documents by mail or courier, or may make an appointment to deliver them personally.

What is your turn-around time?

Turnaround time depends upon current case-load, complexity of case and court commitments. An estimate of time frame can be provided at the initial consultation.

Can you tell about someone’s personality from handwriting/signatures?

No, we do not provide personality assessment services. Graphologists profess to provide such services.

Can I straight away fax or email some documents for a preliminary examination?

No. Please contact us before sending in the documents, so that a conflict check can be conducted, fee schedule is discussed and information is provided regarding evidence submission.

How many known signatures (specimen signatures or exemplars) are necessary for comparison purposes?

Normally 10-15 known signatures, but as many as possible. It is always better if the known signatures are contemporaneous to the questioned document(s) and written under similar circumstances.

How do you compare signatures? Even my own signatures written at the same time show marked differences.

The comparison process is based on a detailed examination of the minute individualized writing characteristics. The forensic document examiners do not just compare the pictorial appearance of letters, which can show some natural variations due to external or internal factors. The forensic document examiners compare and evaluate so many individualized writing features such as line quality, writing pressure, shading, slant, spacing, alignment, letter proportions, relative positioning of letters, pen emphasis at particular points and writing speed etc.

I compared signatures myself and they appear to be having marked differences……… are they forged?

We cannot provide our opinion by just looking at the signatures like a lay person. Such determination requires a detailed examination and evaluation of various writing characteristics, and sufficient number of exemplars to properly evaluate the range of natural variations.